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Premium WordPress Plugin Pack

WordPress Premium Security

The natural security of WordPress portals leaves certain default configurations, processes and security holes that can later be exploited by unscrupulous people to hijack your information or damage your WEB portal; This plugin, in addition to some configurations made by our personalized WEB specialists, will undoubtedly cover most of all these errors and common security holes and as a result generate early warnings of highly suspicious activities.

WordPress Premium Optimization

By optimizing the code of your WEB portal so that browsers can interpret it faster, significantly improving the speed of displaying the content, as well as helping your server by generating page caches in order to improve the delivery process to requests of your users.

WordPress Premium Image Compression

Much of the weight of your WEB page, are the images as a result the loading speed of your WEB before the user is affected; In a nutshell, many simply leave your website due to this delay, it is more that others never finish loading, especially on mobile devices; Therefore, this plugin helps by compressing into WEBP format, which is Internet oriented and with the help of a CDN service the images will not only weigh considerably less, but more importantly they will also be accelerated in delivery to users. users with caches in local repositories of your clients or users.

Premium Plugin Package

  • Annual License
  • WordPress Premium Security
  • WordPress Premium Optimization
  • WordPress Premium Image Compression

Renewal Premium Plugins

  • Annual License Renewal
  • WordPress Premium Security
  • WordPress Premium Optimization
  • WordPress Premium Image Compression

Premium Plugin Package Contents

WordPress Premium Security

Includes implementation and configuration
  •  Ban bots and bad users
  •  Block specific IP addresses
  •  File Change Detection
  •  Reduce comment spam
  •  Local and network brute force protection
  •  security log
  •  Email Notifications
  •  Customizable lock messages
  •  Strong password enforcement
  •  Check file permissions
  •  site scanner
  •  Two Factor Authentication
  •  WordPress File Comparison
  •  User Activity Log
  •  Temporary Escalation of Privileges
  •  WP-CLI Integration
  •  password expiration
  •  User security check 
  •  Real-time security dashboard
  •  magic links without password
  •  Reject compromised passwords
  •  Version management
  •  reCAPTCHA
  •  User Groups
  •  trusted devices

WordPress Premium Optimization

Includes implementation and configuration
  •  cached pages
  • Super fast charging time
  • Lighten up your files
  • Media is loaded when needed
  • Get the fastest cached version
  • A clean database for a happy web
  • Reduce latency and improve availability
  • Give more power to your functionalities
  • cache preload
  • browser cache
  • GZIP compression
  • Ecommerce Optimization

WordPress Premium Image Compression

Includes implementation and configuration
  •  Intelligent lossless compression
  •  Automated compression 
  •  Image Resizing
  •  Automatic copy of your original images
  •  Integration with APIs from other providers 
  •  Unlimited optimized images
  •  Optimize your JPG, PNG, PDF and GIF
  •  File compression on remote server
  •  Automatic conversion to Webp format
  •  CDN support includes CDN server
  •  Auto upload to Webp format

Our team of professionals WEB 

They will be in charge of implementing all the plugins that include:

Creation of initial status report of your WEB portal in Lighthouse Google or Security
Creation of Backup of your WEB portal
Installation of purchased Premium plugin
Purchased Premium Plugin Settings
Creation of implementation progress report in Lighthouse Google or Security
Customized configurations according to the specific needs of your WEB portal, carried out by the specialist in WEB optimization or Security
Creation of final implementation report in Lighthouse Google or Security
Delivery of reports to the client with the comparison of before and after the implementation of the Premium plugins
Delivery of reports to the client with the comparison of before and after the personalized configurations by the specialist in WEB optimization

Frequent questions

Why is a backup of the WEB portal necessary?

Implement the optimization and security plugins, they are a safe and proven method in the market although they can be aggressive for certain WEB portals, specifically for certain types of unsupported templates. For this reason, you should always have a backup to mitigate the risk of data loss.

Why implement administrator level access in my WordPress?

The accesses are necessary to install and parameterize the plugins, it should be noted that they must be configured under each of the specific needs of your WEB portal, for which it is necessary to carry out several tests and reconfigurations during the implementation process.

How long is the plugin license valid?

The minimum validity is one year, with access to support in Spanish or English, this is done via email and delivery of updates through your WordPress update panel.

Can I install Premium Plugins myself?

Of course you can install it yourself, in addition to having the guidance of our Webmaster; You just have to keep in mind that you will have 2 Google Meet sessions directly with our Webmaster specialist; in order to reach the maximum speed and Lighthouse Google score of your WEB portal. Therefore, if additional hours are necessary and you do not have a Premium Reports Web Optimization package,  these will be charged as extra sessions at our current rate.

What is LighthouseGoogle?

Lighthouse Google, is an open source tool supported by Google, which is used to improve and measure the performance and quality of websites. When auditing a page, Lighthouse runs a series of tests on the website, generating a report on its performance.

What score can I achieve on Google Lighthouse just by installing the plugins?

Normally you can achieve up to 85 points or more. Although when our Webmaster intervenes it can be  increased to 95 or 100 points. But, if your WEB portal and server are optimal, they will achieve 100 points.

What does it mean that my WEB portal and server are optimal for Lighthouse Google?

Having a good rating for Lighthouse means that your website is more visible and better positioned in Internet search engines. However, when the templates are not modern, they generate delays in loading, affecting the score. Occasionally, a feasible solution is that our Webmaster can implement certain lines of code in your template, minimizing these inconveniences or changing the template.

Obviously, the servers do not deploy all the necessary extensions due to the resource consumption they generate; as a consequence of this the Lighthouse Google score is affected. Normally then you must change the server or hosting provider. But, if you have a VPS or dedicated server, our Webmaster as well as our Admin server can help you implement the missing software resources; of course only when you have purchased a  Premium Reports Web Optimization package. 

Does the purchase of the plugins include implementation and configuration?

The assisted purchase of the optimization and security plugins includes a bag of hours for its implementation and configuration. In cases where it is intended to approach a maximum Google Lighthouse score, a larger pool of hours is required, which is offered by the  Web Optimization Premium Reports package.  Therefore, you will have extended support from our specialists who will naturally provide detailed information about the status of your WEB portal.

Do I need a Premium Web Optimization Reports package to help me with certain media?

If a low rating is evidenced in the initial report, the specialists will intervene repairing errors or generating alerts in order to improve or maintain the optimal score of your WEB portal, obviously during the service contracted with the  Premium Reports Web Optimization package.

How many hours will the WEB specialist spend on the purchase of the plugin?

First of all, with the purchase of the optimization and security plugins, 2 hours of direct assistance are included to implement and configure each of the three plugins, that is, up to 6 hours in which our specialists will carry out the implementation and configuration of the plugins. to achieve the best possible score; so that a report will be delivered before starting the implementation and also at the end.

How many hours with the WEB Optimization Premium Reports package?

The Reports Premium Web Optimization package   has fixed monthly or quarterly hours, from 10 hours per month or 10 hours per quarter for one year (depending on the package purchased); which will later be consumed in the creation of detailed reports, tests, reconfigurations or creation of processes to improve or maintain the WEB portal in excellent conditions of loading speed and its optimal Google Lighthouse score.

In conclusion, these are the possible scenarios where an additional hours package is required:

  • If the WEB portal is not updated to the latest version of WordPress.
  • If the WEB portal has old versions of PHP or MySQL.
  • If the portal uses unlicensed plugins which cannot be updated natively by WordPress.
  • Templates that do not have support, be it community (GPL license) or payment.
  • Servers or low cost hosting, normally due to the lack of resources.
  • WordPress-oriented hosting package, because we cannot modify important files for the maximum optimization of the WEB portal due to lack of permissions or access.

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