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For its acronym in English Search Engine Optimization it is about all those practices that seek to appear organically, that is, without a paid campaign in Google, for in the first positions of the search engines. Mainly google.

What is sought here does not depend on the pattern to generate quality traffic to a web page. Although it is necessary to advertise to improve the reputation of a website, the idea is that over time and, when you already have a considerable level of traffic, the paid investment can be reduced. Likewise, if in any month it is not possible to invest in a pattern, the idea is that the page continues to discover a traffic of new users in a natural way.

What’s included:

  • SEO diagnosis.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Content marketing strategy.
  • Indexing content entries in the Google Console.
  • Indexing the sitemap in the Google Console.

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Paid advertising on digital platforms is used for different objectives that can be simultaneous or sequential. Among these objectives are:

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  • Awarenes: We use this campaign objective when we want to increase awareness of a brand or product. The KPI or interest factor in this type of campaign usually focuses on the number of ad exposures (Impressions)

  • Reach: This objective seeks to impact the greatest number of people with a campaign. Depending on the type of message, a number of repetitions of these ads is also generated to which each person is expected to be exposed. It is known as frequency.

  • Engagement: When we want users to perform an engagement action beyond just seeing the advertisement. These actions are usually from social networks: Like, follow, share, comment, complete view.

  • Traffic generation: We use this objective when we want users to click to be directed to our website, app, landing page, etc.

  • Conversions: This objective is used when our interest is not only that users go to our site but rather that they look for, or that they perform an action once they are there. These actions can be: registrations, downloads, subscriptions or even purchases.

What’s included:

  • Pattern projection
  • Registration of paid campaigns in meta (Facebook/ Instagram).
  • Implementation of paid campaigns in Google ads, Google display network and YouTube.
  • implementation of paid campaigns on LinkedIn.


Being able to identify all the process of generation of the expected results at a digital level, is only possible by measuring the process of purchase, registration, subscription or any other objective set.

The digital analytics / analytics serves to attribute this success to all the actors such as: Google ads, Paid social , organic social networks, organic search. Additionally, it is possible to track the advertisements to find out which of them are contributing the most to each objective/event/conversion.

Measurements of digital traffic and events are usually carried out using two proprietary tools from Google.

One of them is Google Analytics and the other is Google Tag Manager

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Google analytics, additional to provide traffic measurements with important metrics such as: sessions, bounce rate, unique users and time spent on the page, allows us to visualize actions/ events of interest such as registrations, page views, subscriptions and purchases.

Google Tag Manager helps us to include in a single container (space) all the measurements of specific pages of interest (for example, the thank you page after a purchase) or buttons (for example a subscription button or the pay button itself).

What’s included:

  • Verification of correct implementation of tags (GTM GA)
  • Creating Google Analytics properties
  • Creation of container, tags and triggers in Google Tag manager.
  • Tracking conversion events / Goals.
  • Tracking of the purchase funnel within Google Analytics.


This is the automation of reports in order to keep the data available in real time for decision making. The idea is to reflect here the KPIs of the business in order to evaluate progress.

What’s included:

  • Generation of automatic reports in Google Sheets to automatically bring data from platforms such as Meta (Facebook/Instagram) social networks, Google ads, etc.
  • Creating visualization dashboards in Google Data Studio.
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