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Our history

TMW, starts March 8, 2016

Developing programmer

The birth of an idea

From our beginning, the desire to deliver professional quality access to the different levels of the web, whether personal or business

New evolution needs

When we thoroughly reviewed the needs of our clients, the software development department was born in order to provide a more complete service with the current workflows and fill that space of interaction that the client requested with its users.
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The world changed and so did we

Seeing the volume of growth of the client in order to accompany him on this path, we also grew, implementing a department dedicated to the logic of process automation through software.
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Everything needs maintenance


After some time in the market and thanks to our work, external clients approached with the need to maintain applications that had been accompanying them for some time but that needed to be at their maximum potential, giving rise to our department dedicated to maintenance and support: 

  • WEB
  • Web applications
  • Rest API 
  • Mobile apps
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Unexpected growth

2020 – 2021
This year no one expected that the flow of life would be drastically changed by something beyond our control and generate new needs, show that others we could return to the digital world despite this setback in daily life something good was born, an unexpected growth generating new jobs, accelerating our way of working and entering new projects, thanks to all these things from 2020 to 2021 our company grew x4, again thanks for your support and trust placed in our products, professionals and above all the quality that we want to transmit in our work and products.