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Why create a ticket?

It is the most transparent way to follow up on your needs, which are very important to us, so we need to have a tool with which we can measure our level of care and place the team of specialists we have and put it at hand of our clients.

Time control

It’s a time control session.

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Our library of knowledge about common or basic system problems Remember that if your support plan includes a personalized support library, just by authenticating yourself on our platform you will be able to see exclusive solutions for your company.

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It is a session where you will find the repository of the courses acquired for training in your company.

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Tutorial videos

Basic videos teaching how to solve common problems or how to create clear requirements for our support department in order to better serve our customers.

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Repository where you will find updates to your applications, plugins or extensions.

Our support systems


The times are variable, they are qualified in 3 ranges of importance, regularly the answers are delivered in a maximum of 24 hours, the cases that exceed this time are considered urgent level 3, which means that you will have a specialist at your disposal for your case until you achieve a satisfactory solution.

Partial Solutions

They are quick solutions to failures or errors in order to keep the service available, but they need in-depth fixes, which means that despite the service being enabled and working correctly, our specialists are behind fixing all the details to prevent the mishap from happening again.

Technical Solutions

These types of solutions are FQS that we already parameterize to answer customer questions, they are usually easy and concise, since they are mostly informative.
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Create your ticket

Report of failures or technical consultation will be attended and guided in the most efficient way.