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WordPress Administration and Maintenance

We know the importance of publishing information on your website in the form of text, images, audio or videos. We will do it for you in an agile and simple way, optimizing this content through our plugins and the experience of our Webmaster.

Some benefits

  • Significant improvement in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Improve the display (Responsive) of your WEB on mobile devices

  • Improve speed of your WEB

  • Increase the security of your WordPress

  • Lower costs of professional labor

  • Improve response times to requirements

  • Change control methods

  • Access to specialists in optimization, security, layout and content publication in a single package

Administración WordPress
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Without complications

We will make sure that your website is visible, pleasant, fast and secure. So just go about your business. We’ll take care of the technology.

Compare Our Plans

DESCRIPTION Business Standard Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Permanence 12 months 12 months 12 months
Total hours 120 480 720
Hours Month
10 40 40
Hours Month
Validity of the Contracted Hours
Validity refers to the time you have to consume the hours before their expiration, after this period the hours not consumed will be lost, the annual plans have hours assigned per month.
1 months 1 months 1 months
A space to attend to your clients with speed and security, time of 12 months or closure of the project.

A space to serve your customers with speed and security. Hosting optimized in high flow users, time of 12 months or closure of the project.

If you exceed the number of views in your package, an additional $1 will be charged for every 10,000 Views.

Submission of monthly report
(Average Traffic)
(2.000.000 visits/Month)
(High Traffic)
(5.000.000 visits/Month)
(High Traffic)
(5.000.000 visits/Month)
Websites 1 to 5 1 to 10 1 to 10
SSL Certificate check check check
Hosting Administration check check check
check check check
Free Migration
Free Migration
We migrate for free from your WEB portal to our MS servers
check check check
Content Management
Update content of your web pages (content, contact details, policies, texts, information, etc.).
check check check
Product Management
Update the contents of your shopping cart (prices, products, descriptions, policies, texts, information, etc.).
check check check
Navigation Administration
Update data in common areas of your website (template, headers, footers, navigation menus, modules).
check check check
Premium Images
Premium Image Bank
The designer will have access to a premium image bank to carry out their design requirements.
File management
Photographs, images, PDF, Word, Excel, audio, video, etc.
check check check
Layout corrections or new layout – Responsive on WEB pages.
check check check
Insertion of dynamic animations to the content
check check check
Script Insertion
Script Insertion
Insertion of tracking script or other types Universal Analytics, Analytics 4, Google maps and others.
check check check
Basic Forms check check check
Glossary System check check check
Tooltip System check check check
WordPress Plugin
check check check
check check check
Direct Support
Direct Support
Virtual meeting with which you can have direct contact with the assigned Webmaster to clarify or improve your WEB needs. One meeting for every 10 contracted hours whose duration will be deducted from your hours bag *(Restrictions apply)
check check check
Ticket System
Ticket System
System where you can create your requirements, having control of response times as well as speeding up service with our multiple specialists WEB
check check check
Access Control of Hours
Access Control of Hours
Access our work hours control system, in which you will have control over the use of hours, Buy more hours, additional information on your contracted hours.
check check check
Bad Link Check Automation check check check
Automated Monitoring
Automated Monitoring
A monitoring system will be implemented in your web portal which will notify us if it goes offline or has loading errors automatically even only the portal of your choice, monitoring of additional portals will be charged separately.
check check check
Pack Plugins Premium 1 1
Pack Plugins Premium
Premium Plugins at a Discount
Receive a discount coupon on our premium plugin packages will help the stability, speed and security of your portal significantly improving the user experience, your SEO positioning among other improvements.
20% X2 30% X2 30% X3
With which the WEB portal is restored in case of a partial or total failure of the system, allowing easy recovery of its information in order to maintain the continuity of the WEB service, mandatory in all WEB projects.* (Privacy Policy)
Diaries Diaries Diaries
Backup Retention
backup conditions
We will keep the backup copies in our cloud storage for the months included in the package or project closure
12 months 12 months 12 months
Backup Location
Backup Location
The backups will be stored external to the production server in order to ensure maximum protection for your data.
Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage
Hack Recovery check check check
Basic Security Lock check check check
*Basic WAF Implementation check check
Language Support English and Spanish English and Spanish English and Spanish
Contact Means Ticket System
Ticket System
Ticket System
* Time Slots UTC -5 de 08:00 a 17:00
UTC +2 de 08:00 a 17:00
UTC -5 de 08:00 a 17:00
UTC +2 de 08:00 a 17:00
UTC -5 de 08:00 a 17:00
UTC +2 de 08:00 a 17:00
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  • *Indicates that terms and conditions apply, complete the information with the frequently asked questions or by reading the digital contract.

  • ** It will only be attended during selected office hours.
  • If your needs still do not fit or you require more personalized services, we can talk and support you so that your project is a success within reach. Contact us we are a chat away.
  • If you need help with administration and maintenance of Multisite or Bitnami WordPress



All requests required for WEB management are made under a system with quality standards, whose attributes are reviewed with a check list of parameters to be met, standardizing quality throughout your WEB portal.


We review your requirements by a QA (Quality Auditor), on delivery to the client or after delivery, which guarantees quality even though the requirement is well fulfilled for the client, the auditor can request improvement to meet the quality standard. of MS.


Our collaborators are aware of the continuous change in our industry, which is why they are certified in various areas to stay at the forefront of their professional work, updating themselves through our Strategic Allies, Universities, Virtual Courses, among other means of external training, acquiring thus new knowledge, techniques and models that we implement and are reflected in the quality of the work we offer. 


In our service desk, all the requirements are evidenced to be able to measure times and compliance when carrying out the tasks by our collaborators.



Corporate VPN

All our services are linked through encrypted and audited Corporate VPN channels, in order to protect the information of our clients and the security of access to the different managed WEB portals, we also implement systems that prevent collaborators from entering directly to your systems, forcing the use of the MS Corporate VPN.

Access to your WEB portal

Our ticket system provides the protection of your accesses, preventing our collaborators from having their access credentials to your WEB portal, the system automatically authenticates the Webmaster before your WEB portal, to carry out your requirements, thus protecting the access data at all times.

virus check

All material handled or delivered to our collaborators is reviewed with licensed antivirus , in order to protect your WEB portal from viruses or malicious programs.

Certification of collaborators

Our collaborators are certified in Business Information Security, as well as in good information management practices.

Frequent questions

What can I do in 10 hours?

A bag of 10 hours, for example, is enough for one of the following items on the list:

  • Create a complete layout of a landing page in template format, its respective responsive settings, content upload and publication *
  • 10 medium requirements*
  • 20 basic requirements*
  • Miscellaneous Webmaster Services*

*Depends on the amount of information to be handled or the complexity of the individual requirement.

What is a Webmaster?

He is the person responsible for a WEB portal, in the field that we present it to you, he is a specialist in WEB publication, layout and optimization of WEB content, in addition to being the one who has the training, experience and tools at a professional level to carry out this work with the necessary quality, functionality and safety standards.

Does the Webmaster create content or designs?

No, the contents are supplied by the client, as well as the graphic pieces or multimedia material.

Remember that you are responsible for the type of content to be published as well as the copyright of the content or multimedia resources delivered.

Do you need help with the design?

Our designers can support you for an extra cost; with a discount on the purchase of our annual packages.

When are the hours consumed?

The hours are consumed in:

  • Administrative acts (If there are reprocesses).
  • Functions of the Webmaster to answer or fulfill your requirements.
  • Attendance at meetings or workshops.

The hours are not consumed in:

  • Learning curves.
  • Wait for file download or upload.
  • Waiting times on the platform.

Find more information in terms and conditions or in the copy of the digital contract.

Are the hours cumulative?

All plans have a validity, and if the hours are not consumed before the validity ends, the hours that are not consumed will be lost, however  in the annual plans you can consume hours of the coming months, even if you need several extra requirements Likewise, the hours of expired months will not be accumulated.

Working hours

Our base hours are from Colombia , but we have 3 time slots

Select at the time of hiring: 

  • Colombia, Bogota UTC -5.
  • United States, New York UTC -5, and during daylight savings time it changes to UTC -4.
  • Spain, Madrid UTC +2.

8 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday, you can request publications or requirements outside these time slots which will consume your hours X2, Sunday or holidays x3.

More information

payments in dollars

Keep in mind that although the prices are in dollars due to the cost of licenses or specialized labor from different parts of the world, billing is done in Colombian pesos according to the TRM in force at the time of billing. This allows us to maintain prices despite variations in the local currency of our host country.

digital contract

You will receive a copy of the digital contract, and a step-by-step manual to make your requests, in addition to access to our service desk (Ticket System) where you can directly contact the WEB agents.

Content of the purchase email:

  • Receipt or purchase invoice
  • Webmaster digital contract
  • Information management policies
  • Access to service desk
  • Access to control panel of hours
  • Application Manual
  • List of means of contact

Subir mis publicaciones

Uploading my publications has never been so easy and fast, I just sent an email describing what I wanted and in a few minutes everything was as I wanted it on my WEB

— Andrea Tovar, Client

Do you need more help?

But, if you are still not totally sure which is the best package for you

Contact us and we will guide you on which is the most suitable according to your needs, since we also have our standard packages or if you require it we will create one for you.