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Wide variety of projects in high-performance WEB programming, WEB applications, mobile APPs and process automation

Delivered Projects  

Thanks to the trust of our clients and the great team of professional experts; We present some of the achievements we have made and we continue to create, innovate and, above all, most importantly, focus on the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

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Control Covid-19

Automated Access Anti Covid-19


  • Automated epidemiological fence
  • Custom reports
  • Integration with infrared and facial recognition cameras
  • Early contagion alerts
  • Management of access to different facilities (reception module)

Among other features

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Form-Data System

Centralize your Activities and Information


  • Centralized database
  • Personalized email delivery
  • file storage
  • Smart validations
  • Custom usage reports
  • Data usage auditing system

Among other features

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Services Dashboard

Centralize your activities and information


  • Have all the information of your different tools on a single screen
  • Customization, automation of reports and statistics
  • Customization of automatic alerts
  • Integrate personalized audit system

Among other features

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Correspondence Control

Letters, Packages Follow them without Losing Track


  • Automatic filing of correspondence
  • Petition Rights Tracking
  • Automatic response expiration alarms
  • Customized PQR System
  • Sender validation by electronic means
  • Geolocation of addresses, letters and packages
  • Customizable audit

Among other features

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Professional Tracking

How to know what awaits you in the future


  • editable questionnaire
  • automatic reporting system
  • Highly customizable search filters
  • Certified results of professional vocation
  • Integration of various educational systems
  • Customization of report delivery emails

Among other features

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Adaptive Calendar Classes

Create, Edit Classes with a Click


  • Adaptable to virtual or face-to-face classes
  • Exchange of schedules between students of the same cycle
  • Certification Attendance Report
  • Smart links to virtual classes
  • Customizable notices or alerts
  • Control of available seats or virtual class quota

Among other features

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We accompany you to make that idea a reality and cover that need, whether at a personal or business level, through innovation and streamlining of processes in all its phases, from planning to execution, development, deployment and monitoring.